tisdag 18 maj 2010

My favourite spots in Barcelona

Since Barcelona is a cultural place with great art everywhere I will concentrate on the food instead!
Head for breakfast at teteria teahouse Caj Chai, a nice laid back place with great chai coffee or tea. Bring your book and just relax. Then maybe lunch at La Cuina dén Carriga, nice little small shop selling Karin Eriksson ceramic from Sweden. I never tried the food there but the atmosphere felt nice so I will definitely try it out next time. Then after all shopping you might have a break at La Pineda. Wonderful old men operating a small xarcuteria where they serve you delicious cheese, salami, jamón, wine and liqueur. A great place to gather some energy for moving on to Tintoreria Dontell.
This is a restaurant with a fun concept. You head for the dry cleaner, you will get a secret code there that you will press, behind all the hanging clothes. A wall will open up and you are about to enter the secret restaurant "Don´t tell". A James Bond mystic feeling with great food and atmosphere!

Caj Chai
Sant doménec del call, 12
barrio gotico, Barcelona

La cuina dén Carriga
Consell de cent, 308

La Pineda
Carrer del Pi 16

Tintoreria Dontell
Aribau 55, Barcelona
to be sure...book a table!
T. 934520720

Another nice restaurant with superb food is:
Mercado Santa Caterina
Avda. Francesc Cambó, 16
Tel. 932689918

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