söndag 25 april 2010

fredag 23 april 2010

798 Beijing Inspiration

Some inspiration by Li Jikai at the Beyond Art Space. The gallery´s aim is to be a platform for Asian Contemporary Art and to concentrate on quality, a harmony blend between established an innovative young artists.

torsdag 22 april 2010

798 Beijing

798 is a rising, avant-garde trendy space in Beijing that hosts high-level cultural artistic activities since 2002. It is located in Dashanzi Art District and is really worth seeing. You can easily spend a whole day just cruising around visiting galleries and art centers. This area was once a factory producing electronics and are today a "Soho-esque" area of international character.

måndag 19 april 2010

Korean art

In Dongdaemun shopping complex you will meet new young korean fashion designers and outside the artists. I bought this paintings today from a korean couple who illustrate together. Check out their website!
After that I went to another exhibition with ceramic design

torsdag 15 april 2010

Today I visited a lovely artshop and made myself a korean stamp for my art saying my name!

onsdag 14 april 2010


If you ever get to Seoul in Korea you should go to the district called Insadong, an atmosphere of the past.
The narrow alleys are packed with art galleries and I found a very inspiring ceramic shop today called TONG-IN
(1st Bldg,16, Kwanhun-dong, jongro-ku)
I wasn´t allowed to take any pictures but found some of the objects
i liked at there website