tisdag 26 januari 2010


A short course in "Photopolymer printing" in the Graphic House, Mariefred

Early morning in Mariefred

The creative gang!

Some bagpipe music by Gunnar

Print out your photo or illustration from the computer on OH-paper in grey scale and best quality!

Take a Polymer sheet and put your OH-paper on top. Then illuminate for 12 min (the time is changing depending on what kind of lightsourse you are using, but it has to be UV-light)

Illuminate another 12 min with a grained sheet (screen paper?...around 80)

Put in water (20-25C) for 1 minute!

Wipe the polymer with a soft sponge for another minute

Rince it off!

Wipe it of and then either put it in a drying cabinet or use your blow dryer until it is really dry

Cut out your picture

Polish the edges

Illuminate again for another 12 minutes

Now its time to prepare the colour

You have to work the paint until it gets really smooth and nice

If its too thick add some vaseline and some rapeseed oil

Now its time for the printing!!

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