söndag 29 november 2009

Fishfairytale Exhibition Korcula

My exhibition in august 2009

" I walked around on an Island, an Island called Korcula. The buildings were majestic. The wine sparkled in carafes and singing flowed in the alleys. That summer night the crickets played in the evening heat for all the couples who had fallen in love. The water was luminous in a way that led my thoughts to sea-fire. There was a bright turquoise glow that made the surroundings look as if on stage. Suddenly I heard the sea’s song and saw the fish dancing - fish I had never seen before, with a passion to preserve the beauty that once thrived when unknown coral shone in the depths. The colors made me thirsty and alert, excited for adventure. Things that happen in a fairytale, can happen to you....”
This is an exhibition about Mr Magic, Mrs Optimist, Mr Worry and Miss Beauty. Their mission is to open your eyes, take your responsibility and help them to get a cleaner environment"

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